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Adventure - Expeditions - Trekkings 

Expedition in Suriname  


Day 1:             Paramaribo - Camp Marowijne

Your jouney will begin in Paramaribo. We will go to the border town of Albina by bus.  Here we will continue our expedition by korjaal across the Marowijne river. In the afternoon we will cool down in the water of the mighty rapids. In the late afternoon we will arrive at our camp, where we will spend the night. In the evening we will teach you some survival techniques.

Day 2:             Camp Marowijne - Grankreek

Today we will begin our adventurous journey across the Grankreek, a side branch of the Marowijne river. Our boatswain will guide us skillfully through this creek. The several sulas (rapids) make sure that this will be a special experience. At the Manason sula we will tow the boat across the rapid. Then we will make an expedition through the dense jungle, that will lead us to our camp for the night at the Bookoboto creek.

Day 3:             Grankreek - Tapanahoni

After having made a jungle expedition we will tow the korjaal in the Grankreek across amongst others the Booko Boto and the Magisien sulas towards the Marowijne river. Next we will go to the Tapanahoni river, on which we will continue our journey. Our boatswain will guide us across spectacular sulas, such as Man-Bari, Singa Tetè  and Poli Gudu onto the Tapanahoni river. We will also visit Stoelmans Island. Our camp for the night will be located near the village Tjon Tjon.

Day 4:             Tjon Tjon - Giin Kasaba

In the morning we will leave from the village Tjon Tjon to go to the village Puketi. When we have arrived at the Gran Holo falls, the boat will be towed up a side fall. We will pass the waterfall with our luggage over land via a "futupasi" (footpath). At the other side of the fall we will go to Drietabiki, where the chief of the Aucan tribe resides. We will continue our journey to the end of the Bush Negro territory, marked by the beautiful Gran Bori sula, named after the village Gran Bori. Near this village  is Giin Kasaba , where we will spend the night.

Day 5:             Ginn Kasaba - Akanie Kampu

We will go on an expedition to the territory of the Trio and Wayana Indians. The first village in this territory is Apetina, known among the Bush Negroes as Kamalua Sula. We will pass several impressive rapids such as Du Machinie and Gaan Paana. We will make several stops along the way to visit villages, to swim and to stretch our legs. We will spend the night in Akanie Kampu, near the village Apetina. It is located close to the Tebu mountain.

Day 6:             Akanie Kampu - Tebu Top - Apetina

Today we will make our journey to the bare Tebu mountain. This mountain looms up from the jungle just by the Tapanahoni river. The march to the top of this granite, 347 m high mountain will take approximately 2,5 hours. On the way back we will visit the Man Gandafutu waterfall, where you can swim wonderfully. We will spend the night in Apetina. This village is located on small hills along the river bank. Approximately 250 Wayana Indians live in Apetina, mostly in cottages on high poles.

Day 7:             Apetina - Drietabiki - Paramaribo

From Apetina we will commence on our way back to the Aucan Bush Negro territory. In Drietabiki we will go onto the aeroplane for our flight back to airport Zorg en Hoop in Paramaribo.

Departure                    : On request
Number of days           : Seven (six nights)
Number of persons       : Min 2 - max 8
Transport                      : Bus, dug out canoe (korjaal) with outboard motor and  airplane
Food                             :Will be adapted to the daily activities
Accommodation            : Hammocks with a mosquito-net
Price p.p.                      : EUR 1.650.- p.p.

Specially trained guides, who are mostly people from the interior themselves, supervise each trip. The guides know all acepts of the Surinamese interior and are trained to avoid risks. At the place of destination you are assisted by additional local guides who know the local circumstances and are familar with all customs.

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