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Palumeu jungle resort, close to an Amerindian village bearing the same name, is situated along the Upper Tapanahony river, in the midst of the Amazon   rainforest. This is an ideal holiday resort for nature lovers. The walk and climb to "Poti Hill", which offers a breathtaking view over the river and mountaintops of the southern part of Suriname, beneath, will remain in your memory forever. In this part of the tropical rainforest, where howler monkeys and birds announce daybreak, the impressive rapids, flora and fauna of the Amazon rain-  forest and the current lifestyle of the Amerindian tribes, the Trio and Wajana, will surely fascinate you. Because of their century old lifestyle, the inhabitants of  these tribes are reserved by nature. This may, at first, seem awkward to you as    guests.They are, however, open to close contact with you, although a stay of 4 or 5 days at the resort, is often too short a period for this, also due to the difference in language.  

        4 or 5 days: per person EUR 427.-


Awarradam jungle resort was set up by a number of villagers under guidance of Mr. "Ngan Ngan mang" who is currently also the manager of the resort. This small idyllic island, hidden in the Amazon rainforest, at the foot of the Awarradam rapids, lies at a distance of a half hour by boat from the last village in the living area of the Saramaccans, the largest Maroon community in Suriname. The Maroons are descendents from slaves who, after a heroic fight with the former slave-owners, managed to establish living communities in the Amazon rainforest. These historic facts make Awarradam an ideal place to visit, not only for nature lovers but also for those who wish to learn more about the West African culture as it has remained in Suriname. An unforgettable experience during this tour is a boat trip by night, under the endless starry sky, which will take you to the nearby village Kosindo for an authentic cultural evening of singing and dancing. This tour is recommended for all those who wish to learn more about the culture of the Saramaccans, in their natural habitat, the Amazon rainforest.

        4 or 5 days per person: EUR 405.-

The Kasikasima Expedition Tour is ideal for adventurous nature lovers who love a challenge. The tour starts from Paramaribo to Palumeu, a jungle‑resort along the Upper Tapanahony river, near an Amerindian village with the same name. The following day, a boat trip will take you on a jungle track of 5 days on the river and in the Amazon rainforest. The beauty of this trip is that you will enter a pristine part of the rainforest, via the Palumeu river, at which you will cross over various rapids and sleep in camps, in hammocks. Starting out from the base camp, idyllically situated at the foot of the Sawaniboto rapids, you will climb to one of the peaks of the granite Mount Kasikasima. This walk and climb through the jungle takes approximately 7 hours, to and from, at which you will spend one hour at the top. The magnificent view over the “roof” of the Amazon rainforest will give you renewed energy for yet another life:  "You’re on Top of the World".  Your body and mind can once again face anything! This unique experience is also a test for your social skills. You will, after all, spend 5 days on the river and in the jungle amidst a small traveling company and the local guides.  

8 days per person: EUR 702.- (min. 3 persons)

The Marowijne river is well known for its majestic and breathtaking rapids. You will find yourself in the living area of the Maroons, the Paramaccans. These indigenous inhabitants are descendents of run-away slaves who managed to maintain their traditional African culture and who were fearsome oppressors of the former colonial slave-owners. The tour starts in the early morning hours by bus to the border city Albina, east of Suriname, after which the trip will be continued by boat, on the Marowijne river. You will meet the two Maroon tribes living in this area, the Aucans and the Paramaccans. During the tour you will enjoy walks through the villages and in the Amazon rainforest, trips by dug-out canoe, swimming and relaxing in the rapids. At the end of the day, you will enjoy an evening of traditional singing and dancing. 

        several tours from 2 to 12 days (min. 2 persons)

Raleigh Falls / Raleighvallen

Raleigh Falls forms part of the Central Suriname Nature Reserve. This unique nature reserve is placed on the Unesco “World Heritage” list. The Raleigh Falls Tour consists of 4 adventurous days with the opportunity to participate in various activities such as walks in the forest, a trip to the peak of the Voltzberg, boat trips, relaxing in the rapids, but most of all, enjoy the flora and fauna in the area. Raleigh Falls is known as the bird-paradise of South America and is renowned, worldwide, among ornithologists.In the early morning hours you will depart on a bus trip (approximately 4 hours) to Witagron, after which the tour will continue by boat, another 4 hours, to the main island “Foengoe”. Foengoe Island has sleeping facilities and functions as the base camp. Here, you can relax, swim in the refreshing waters of the Coppename river, stroll on the island and the afternoon is an ideal time for bird watching. There are various waterfalls in the vicinity of the island which you can visit. The trip to Voltzberg, a granite rock, approx. 200 meters high, will be an unforgettable adventure. Once at the top, you will view one of the most breathtaking panoramas imaginable, over the treetops of the Amazon rainforest. Chances are that you will see the famous "Cock of the Rock" a beautiful-colored bird, which can be found in this area.  

4 days per person EUR 480.- (min. 4 persons)


        Christiaankondre and Langamankondre, in the area known as Galibi, are  two traditional Amerindian villages located next to each other along the Marowijne river at the mouth of the Atlantic Ocean. Both villages have a sandy beach, which is ideal for long strolls. These villages were formed after the period of slavery and they extended to rather large Amerindian villages with a population of approximately 750 inhabitants. The most important means of life for the local people is fishery. In the sea-turtle season, from February to August, you will also visit the breeding places where the gigantic sea turtles come each year to lay their eggs.

        2 days per person EUR 180.- (min. 2 pers.) 


At a height of 500 meters, in the midst of the jungle, on the Mazaroni plateau, lies Brownsberg Nature Park in a nature reserve of approximately 6000  acres. This nature reserve lies at a distance of almost 130 km from Paramaribo  and can be reached by car within 3 hours. The Mazaroni plateau offers you  a spectacular view on the Afobaka power dam. Stroll paths will take you, through the rainforest, to beautiful waterfalls and you will enjoy unexpected panoramas over the far-stretching green treetops of the interior. You  will depart, early morning, by bus from Paramaribo to Brownsberg Nature Park, on the top of the mountain (500 meters). A sturdy walk and climb through the forest will be a rewarding effort when you arrive at one of the waterfalls in the area where  you will enjoy a natural water massage or just relax on the mountaintop while  you enjoy the unique jungle-sounds and a view over the power dam. You will stay in lodges with rooms with bunk beds for more than one person.

2 days per person EUR 150.- (min. 2 pers.)

All tours can be combined.For detailed informations please contact e-mail: info@suriname.ch

Nov 2005

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